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Welcome to the Women’s Powder Room!

The Women’s Powder Room is a not for profit, grass-roots, incorporated community organisation empowering women of all ages.

The aims and objectives of the Women’s Powder Room are:

  • To promote, enhance and maintain the welfare, education and cultural needs of women in the Shire of Kalamunda and surrounding areas.
  • To provide a safe and inclusive space for women to meet and share experiences, to gain knowledge and skills, thus reducing social isolation and associated problems.
  • To promote greater awareness of the needs and issues of women in the community.
  • To provide the appropriate consultation on community issues and encourage community participation.
  • To build partnerships with service providers.
  • Share selective skills within the group across cultures.

We are located at the Old Maida Vale Kindergarden building – corner of Acacia and Casuarina Roads Maida Vale.